Sunday, February 23, 2014

Test Day

Here I am on an unusually beautiful late February afternoon grading papers.  I have finished grading the multiple choice section of the test and putting the grades in my gradebook.  I wanted to share my data with you.

Overall, there was no major change in the test class averages.  One class did not change at all.  Two classes' averages changed only a point or two in either direction.  Then two of my classes changed by four points: one class went up and the other went down.

I had some individual successes as well.  I had some student's test scores jump by ten to twelve points.  These students are typically the quieter, more reserved students who I think got more information in the small groups.

However, I had two students drop by thirty (YIKES!) points.  One is a social butterfly and I have a feeling was not on task like they should have been.  The other student is not as self-confident as I would like and does not ask for help even though I ask if everything is okay.

I am overall satisfied with my first flip.  I think, in the long run, students will get more out of this type of classroom.  I finished my lessons last night and will be diving the group into a different groups for their Renaissance chapter.  The two major changes I have this chapter are no group project and students will listen to the notes in a station in the classroom.

On to the Renaissance!

Happy Teaching-

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