Friday, November 29, 2013

Aqueduct Construction

We have been busy this week of Thanksgiving learning about Roman contributions.  We discussed how arches, not native to Rome, were used to produce structures that could hold more weight and produce buildings with huge indoor spaces.

On Monday, we watched the Khan Academy video about the Pantheon.   The students were encouraged to take notes as I stopped it and discussed.  We discussed that a structure like the Pantheon would have been impossible to make with Greek post and lintel construction.  The video can be found here.

On Wednesday, I had the students divide into groups of two or three.  I gave them six cups, a sheet of construction paper, and scissors.  They had the class period to make their "working" aqueduct.  The requirements were the aqueducts had to have arches, no adhesive and a small glue cap had  to run down the aqueduct.  The only grading guidelines I gave had to do with behavior.  If I had to speak to a student about their behavior or redirect a student I would deduct 5 points per discussion.  I only had to take points away from three students.  Overall it was a great lesson!

Here are some pictures:

Here is a video of one of my favorites!

I got this idea from this online lesson.

Happy Teaching!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Greek Hoplite Demo

One of my colleagues is quite the military historian.  He invited me, and the other World History teacher, to his room for a hoplite demonstration.  If you are not familiar with a hoplite they were the foot soldier of the Greek city-state army.  For more information click here.

Students drew straws and the short straw drawer was the "winner".  Three of the four winners were from my class!
Here is first period's student in the red tunic, his long Spartan hair and his Corinthian helmet.  

Close up of the helmet. 

Ready for battle!  

Wouldn't want to see the business end of that spear!  

Of course I love talking about history but I double love it when the kids get to participate in an reenactment.  

Happy Teaching!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Greek Mythology Advertisements

It has been a while.  I missed a week of school as a result of two grandparent deaths.  My grandmother passed at the end of October and dear husband's grandfather passed a few days later in early November.  

Today's post is the product of our Greek mythology discussion.  The SOL lists 6 Greek mythological gods and goddesses.  We discussed the and took notes.  Then I had the students pick one of the six and come up with a fictional product that somehow correlates to the deity they chose.  In addition to the company the student had to come up with a catch phrase or motto.  
Artemis was chosen for this bow and arrow store since she is the goddess of the hunt.  

Zeus was chosen for this towing company because he was known for throwing lightning bolts.  Lightning bolts
are thought to be quick; therefore, the towing company is quick like lightning!    

Hera is the goddess of women and marriage.  This student chose Hera to be the  name for her wedding dress company.  Also, the "dress(es are) fit for a Queen".  Nice!   

Apollo is the god of the sun and was chosen to represent these microwaves.  

Apollo was chosen for this sunscreen.  

Aphrodite is the goddess of love.  This student chose Aphrodite and made up an online dating site.
There were many other examples.  They were so good about a third of the advertisements earned spots in the hallway beside my door!  

Happy Teaching!