Thursday, February 6, 2014

Day Four

Not my real observer.  :-)
I am into day four of my flip.  Things are going well.  I was observed, for my yearly review, by my administrator.  It was first period, too.  My administrator seemed to be pleased.  I am looking forward to my mid-year conference and discuss their thoughts on our flipped class.

The stations are running well.  I would really like to have five more minutes into each station. For the most part, the students are staying on track.  However, I did have to have a heart-to-heart with first period.  I asked them what "Garbage in, garbage out" means.  Some of them giggled when I said it.  I reiterated my question.  There was silence for a few seconds.  I got a good response.  A student said, "If you put garbage work in, you'll get a bad result."  I reiterated that this is not the "old" classroom.  Students cannot sit on their laurels and expect to skate by during the flip.  I am looking forward to that handful of students putting their brains in gear and watching their minds bloom.

Today's stations were a continuation of their multi-media project.  Students are starting to put together their props and my room is now full of colored butcher paper.  The second group was finishing up their notes on feudalism notes and then create a resume for one of the people in feudal society.  The website I used was a PBS station out of Ohio.  Here is the link for the website.

The map used was similar to this one.  I had the students
outline the water.  It saved time to allow them to
label the countries and the migrations.  
The final website was an extension of notes discussion about the migratory groups of the middle ages in Europe: Vikings, Anglo-Saxons and Magyars.  Students were given a blank map, colored pencils, a list of what needed to be labeled and an iPad with a map ap.  The end product was to be placed in their binder.  If students did not finish in class, I encouraged them to come to me during their study hall or ask another group member.

Tomorrow they will continue with their multi-media project and create a class mural after their What do you Know? quiz.

A student busy at work.

Happy Teaching!

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