Monday, March 16, 2015

Captain of their own ship

I am on a sub-committee for personalized learning. Our task on this sub-committee is to investigate instructional methodologies. We were tasked last week to identify characteristics needed for rising  high schoolers. These characteristics would enable these rising 9th graders to be successful in a personalized class setting; however, I think these characteristics would help any student become successful. 

Here is the list we generated:
  • independence
  • organization
  • self-assessment
  • self-advocation
  • self-monitor
  • self-motivation
  • invested in SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) goals
Surely, you noticed that five of the seven goals start with self. The group was discussing what this meant. A group member, who is a math/science lead teacher, said, "It's like they need to be the captain of their own ship". What a great thought! Students are only truly successful when they are in the drivers seat of their education. 

Now for the million dollar question: as educators, how do we get students to realize this? This part of the discussion was a bit more difficult. We discussed having teacher buy-in to this idea and emulate these ideas in the classroom. Also identified was the teachers ability to make a connection with students. 

I am planning on having this conversation with students this Friday. No coincidence, that is when report cards go out. Additionally, I've thought about having some kind of theme like this next year.