Monday, February 3, 2014

Flipping Day One

Day One...finished!  

I have decided to break the class into three stations.  Each class was divided into three groups that will stay together for the entirety of the chapter.  

Agenda for today's activities. I'm also included items the students need
for their activities.
Today's stations included teacher/student discussion of filled out SOL column notes.  As the teacher I prompted students with questions.  In some cases, students had questions for me.  I encouraged the students to come with more questions next time.  

In addition to the column note discussion, I had the students review material by creating a Venn Diagram by organizing the cards into Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox or both.  After the students had peer checked they wrote down the finished product.  Some classes needed my verification before the students copied their Venn Diagram.  

One of 1st Period's Venn-Diagram

The third group was a read about Charlemagne and questions.  The students turned in the questions for a formative grade.  

Here is a breakdown of today. 
What did not go well:
1.  Too many students did not have their notes finished.  
   How can that be fixed?  Well, students had to go to the library, watch the videos and then fill in their notes.  They were also responsible for making up the missed notes or activities.
2.  During a few classes it was hard to hear the students I was talking to.  The noise level was a bit too high.  
   How can that be fixed?  I suppose I could discuss this with students and encourage them to keep their noise level down.
What went well:
1. Most students said they enjoyed doing the column notes out of class.  A few mentioned that they would use the notes later to study.
2. Most students seemed to stay engaged throughout the entire rotations.  

Tomorrow is day two!  

Happy Teaching-

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