Thursday, October 17, 2013

CPS Clickers

I love my CPS clickers and I want to tell you why.  
First, each student has one and they stay in my room.  Each student has a clicker that corresponds to their number in the gradebook.
My class set of CPS Clickers.

Second, I love the data and information CPS gives me.

Third, I use them most test reviews.  I read questions and if students answer with 100% accuracy they get a piece of candy.

"What do you know?"
Fourth, I use them for quizzes.  My county changed their grading policy.  Grades fall into two categories: summative and formative.  Summative means the students demonstrate what they know.  The clickers come in super handy here.  The CPS program allows me to type questions for the students and I give them the summative assignment (and it's paperless!).  After the questions the students put their clickers back and then we go over the answers.  I run a quick report and then the kids have a summative grade.  I call these "What do you know?".

I ordered a large calculator caddy and the clickers fit perfectly in there!

Here is the link for them:

Did I mention I love my clickers?

Happy Teaching!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ancient China Review

Today was a jumble of emotions.  First, I have to give props to my homebase for being very observant.  My grandmother is on her final journey to her heavenly home.  I went to be with her last night and got home at mid-night (well past my bedtime) and my emotions are a mess.  Before instruction began one of my homebase students noticed that I was off and asked.  I shared my story (without crying).  They were so sweet and understanding.  

According to my lesson, I was going to review using the CPS clickers and award candy for those questions that had 100% correct answers.  However, I was still crying when I got to school this morning.  I knew that my plans had to change.
Here is most of fourth period.  Notice the Fu Manchu moustache.  They were reviewing Taoism.
 I went to my teacher across the hall for a suggestion.  She suggested that I break the chapter into topics and then have them break into that many groups.  Within the group they could create one of many review activities: a skit, riddles, jokes, advertisement, or an interview.  I gave them about 20 minutes and butcher paper, markers, scissors, and tape.  I was so impressed with their output!  I had songs about China's geography, a wrap about Taoism, an interview about Taoism and Confucianism, riddles about the Silk Road and China's geography, maps, advertisements for the Great Wall and a few others.  I was so proud of them!

Here is another group.  Notice the Great Wall behind them?  The Mongols breached the wall and destroyed it.  

This is the Silk Road group decorating their "silk".

I hung the output in the hallway.  
Here are some output from first and second.  By the end of the day I had fourteen or fifteen posters hanging in the hall.
Happy Teaching!