Friday, February 7, 2014

First Week Post Mortum

Done with week one and it's been a long week.  Not necessarily due to the flipping, I think it is related to the fact that this is our first full week in three weeks.  PHEW!

Well, today was our What do you Know? and for the most part I was pleased.  However, my first period has a handful of students not working to potential.  In no uncertain terms I let them know what I thought about their lack of effort.  Some students got 30's on their WDYK? and others, who normally get 40's, passed with flying colors.  I reiterated that students will get out of this what they put into this endeavor.  Students cannot sit, do nothing and expect to pass in this type of classroom.

After our WDYK? students created a talking drawing (I'll post about that next week) and an end of the week mural.  Each student is tasked with thinking about one thing they learned this week and represent it on the mural with a word or drawing.  Each period had their own mural.

Next week we are continuing with the middle ages.  Students have a few more sets of notes to complete, students will listen to NPR podcast about an illuminated manuscript, a vocabulary activity that includes math(!), a video clip on the Mongols and others.

Happy Teaching!

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