Monday, September 30, 2013

Hinduism and Buddhism Double Bubble

The last two days we watched videos and discussed the two religions associated with SOL WHI.4c and d.  If you have access to United Streaming/ Discovery Education, they have a great series on world religions.  I created a worksheet for the students to fill in as they watched.  At the end of each video (they are not all class- about 20 minutes) we discussed.

Today, I had the students brainstorm similarities and differences.  This year the brainstorming occurred on a Monday so I gave them some prompts: What is the country of origin?  Where are the religions practiced now?  What about the founders?  What are the sacred texts?  What are the key beliefs?  They brainstormed for about 8 minutes.

I then created the double bubble  by cold calling students to tell me where to put the information.   At the end of class the students have the completed double bubble for their notes.

Here is our end product:
This is the "old school" version on the board.

This is the one we created with my Chrome Book group.
Happy Teaching!

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