Sunday, November 9, 2014

BioPoster Presentation

According to SOL 5ef, students need to know twelve Greek contributors.  Instead of having students reading about them or presenting a long power point I decided to let students take 2 half periods to research one of the twelve contributors and then create a bioposter.  Again, I found this idea on Pinterest!

The idea is that students cut out a face (and an arm hole if there is room) and decorate their poster to reflect the person their project is on.  Students could draw or print out their pictures. I also gave the students a rubric.  One item that I forgot to add to the rubric is their presentation to the class- I'll be sure to add that next year!

Students then half a class on the third day to present their posters.  Students set up their notes prior to the presentations (folded the paper in eight boxes and I kept the contributors on the same row) and filled in the information as their classmates presented their posters.  At the end I, or my co-teacher, went over the information to ensure that students got all of the needed information.

I took these pictures of some of the best ones from the morning presentations.  I liked how the letters were big and colorful.

Happy Teaching!

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