Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Renaissance Review

In preparation of our upcoming Renaissance test I put a Venn Diagram review together. In a Word document I made a table and filled the spaces with important Renaissance concepts, people, books or works for art. I put "Northern Renaissance", "Italian Renaissance" and "Both" on three sticky notes. Students then placed the slips of paper under the post-it that it corresponded with. When students were finished I went around and verified accuracy.  After each groups was checked we discussed items that stuck out in the Venn Diagram: Italian words look "Italian", the items in the middle were more economic concepts or schools of thought while the "Renaissance" columns were people or works of art.

Beginnings in Florence
Da Vinci
Medici Family
Catholic Church
Van Eyck
Van der Wyden
Higher Living Standards
Praise of Folly
The Prince
“Arnolfini Portrait”
“Portrait of a Lady”
Sistine Chapel ceiling
“The Last Supper”
“Mona Lisa”
Printing Press
Growing Wealth
Trading centers
Letters of Credit
Increasing secular education
Rules against usury
Adoption of Arabic Numbers
Sir Thomas More

Tip: to keep the slips in the correct envelope, I had the students number each slip with the same number that correlated to the number on the envelope I gave them. That way, when the inevitable slip falls out I know that the slip goes with that same numbered envelope.  

Here are some pictures of students hard at work!


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