Thursday, October 17, 2013

CPS Clickers

I love my CPS clickers and I want to tell you why.  
First, each student has one and they stay in my room.  Each student has a clicker that corresponds to their number in the gradebook.
My class set of CPS Clickers.

Second, I love the data and information CPS gives me.

Third, I use them most test reviews.  I read questions and if students answer with 100% accuracy they get a piece of candy.

"What do you know?"
Fourth, I use them for quizzes.  My county changed their grading policy.  Grades fall into two categories: summative and formative.  Summative means the students demonstrate what they know.  The clickers come in super handy here.  The CPS program allows me to type questions for the students and I give them the summative assignment (and it's paperless!).  After the questions the students put their clickers back and then we go over the answers.  I run a quick report and then the kids have a summative grade.  I call these "What do you know?".

I ordered a large calculator caddy and the clickers fit perfectly in there!

Here is the link for them:

Did I mention I love my clickers?

Happy Teaching!

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